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+49 176 20380681

Individual coaching for beginners, advanced players, weekend warriors and professional players. Tailored to your needs. Together, we set the goals.


Would you like to rent an upright bass? You are at the right place.

I enjoy teaching as much as playing. I have a jazz degree from Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts, Germany.
The school is in Cologne, in the Mülheim neighborhood, near Wiener Platz. 4 km and a 10 min- train ride from the Cathedral.
 You can get here easily with public transport. Even with an upright bass.


If you’re from out of town, Skype is also available.
Give me a call – that’s easiest. +49 176-2038 0681
See you!


Frequently asked questions


Q: I’m 48 and have never played an instrument before. Am I too old too start?

A: Not at all. Many people start in their mid-forties or pick up where the have left after a break. Right now, people are between 18 and 75.


Q: I took piano lessons when I was a kid, but I forgot everything I learned. Do I have to know music theory before I start with the bass?

A: We’ll take care of the basics along the way. Yes, music theory is important, but it should never keep you from playing and having fun. I have a different approach than most of my fellow instructors (yes, that means that it can be easy and understandable, and – drum roll, please – useful). It’s about having fun along the way.


Q: I work 9-5. Will I have enough time to practice?

A: Welcome! My lessons are catered to your situation. We skip the unnecessary parts and get right to the point. Trust me on that…


Q: There are a few songs I’d like to play. Can I bring them?

A: Please! We’ll take care of the basics during the first few weeks, and depending on the material, we can start working on them.


Q: I can’t read music – neither pitch nor rhythm. Can I still learn to play?

A: You’ll learn enough basics to take notes and to figure out a written part. There won’t be sight-reading tests or the likes. But it comes in handy if you can write down an idea for a great bassline and the notes on that piece of paper still make sense after a year.


Q: I don’t have an instrument. Which bass would you recommend?

A: If you’re starting out, we can schedule the first lesson in the local music store (for Skype lessons – we’ll figure something out). I would need to know some things in advance – what’s your budget? Besides the bass, you’ll need some kind of amplification – practice amp, “real” amp (=amp and cabinet) or studio monitors with a budget friendly mixer? What kind of music would you like to play? Are you going to play in a band soon?