Lobster House

Songs of highway robbers, plane crashes, Granny’s shoes and Hurricane Katrina. And at least one dead guy in every song. Or a tornado.
Acoustic music, performed by Alexandra Krings (voc, git, percussion).


Imagine a power outage in New York City – how would it sound if Alanis Morissette, Johnny Cash and a dash of Blues met on a rooftop and played their favorite songs until dawn? It would be just like a Lobster House show.

„Lobster House“ is the project where I can do things that bass players usually don’t do. And I get to play music that I like and that suits me. And as there is no bass, it is completely different from anything else I usually play. It’s a challenge as well as an opportunity.


I used to work as a drumtech for the Montreux Jazz Festival, so I added lots of percussion that I actually play live, along with the guitar. I’m certainly not just the girl with the guitar. I love the attitude of that setup!


The new album “Five Course Dinner”, recorded in Toronto with a four-piece band, will be released in May 2020.


The live shows are solo performances exclusively. The reason for a band album? “Recording with two of Jeff Healey’s former bandmates, bass player Alec Fraser and guitar player Mike Daley, has has been like a dream come true. Toronto is my second home anyway.”


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